General Frequently Asked Questions

Immigration programs of a nation allow foreign nationals to visit their land for a valid purpose. Visa is a document enabling you to enter the issuing nation for work, study, business or settlement purpose.

Though there is no serious ranking for immigration destinations, however on preference basis the top global immigration destinations are: Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, UK.

  • Un-employment rate is less.
  • Population is less.
  • Daily 100,000 jobs advertised.
  • There is skill shortage in almost every trade.
  • Average family income is $38,000 for 40 hours of work in a week.
  • Climate is best in the world.

Getting visa is not just luck, it’s a process. One needs careful planning and effort to get desired results. Immigration law is complex. Our consultants are highly qualified professionals and are registered with migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). They are well-qualified professionals so they understand your profession better. This helps in preparing the every individual application in a professional manner. Presentation of case is of utmost importance in securing a visa.

  • We lodge visa application in a professional manner.
  • We keep complete record of all critical dates regarding the case.
  • E-visa lodgment. We apply all our cases (wherever possible) online; it saves lot of time and makes processing faster.
  • We keep track of every application and keep clients informed about the progress.
  • Our charges are fixed and there are no hidden costs.

You should be familiar with the visa category you fall in as well the annual immigration quota of the nation as well as of the program you are applying for.

Yes, documents are wide for everyone who is filing for application.

  • Nobody knows when the occupation or the annual quota would get over and therefore, you have as much opportunity to get into queue as the other person. It is important to aim to get into the queue ASAP.
  • At the most, your application would be returned if the quota gets over. Your application fee would also be returned back. So risk is over.

Services of an authorized representative are significantly important. There would be situations where Citizenship and Immigration authority might disagree with the submitted documents or information; they may have queries related to application that require appropriate legal response. Only an authorized representative is permitted to act on your behalf.

Yes, you are also eligible to apply for PR from anywhere in the world if you have required qualifications, skills and experience in your profession. We will help you. For free assessment send us your resume. Our consultants will reply you in 72 hours!

Yes, we can help you in getting state sponsorship, if we think you are eligible and have a good chance of success. Please contact us for a free assessment of your case.

We cannot guarantee you a visa. But we don’t take your case until we think that you have a good chance of success and if we think your case is weak, we simply advice you to look for other options. But once we have accepted your case we are 100% sure of our capabilities to secure you a visa.

If your visa is refused you are advised to contact us with refusal letter and all the document you have used in visa application. we will reassess your case and then provide you with a solution if possible.

Migration is a two-stage process.

STAGE 1: First we have to get you skill assessed from a relevant assessing concerned authority, depending upon the country. It will cost you around $300- $1000 depending on different assessing authorities and countries.

STAGE II: we prepare and lodge your case with Department of immigration and Citizenship. Department fee’s for immigration keeps on changing from time to time So please contact our experts for latest updates.

There are few other charges like our consultation fee, your medical charges, your police clearance charges and your air ticket.

In most professions you need a minimum of 1 year of professional experience and in some other profession you need more. It depends upon which trade or profession you are in and for which country you are interested or eligible.

Yes, we can still help you in getting a visa. It does not matter where in the world you are? Just send us an email and we will contact you. We have evisa facility and we can lodge your visa application from anywhere in the world.

It depends upon case to case because every case is unique in its own way. MARA has set a guideline for each type of visa charges. For more details click the link below:

But our charges are fixed and there are no hidden costs. We will give you highest standard of service, Quality of Work at most competitive prices.

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